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Tatsumi Oga X Reader - Transformation
An annoyed sigh escaped your lips as you stared at the ceiling with a bored expression. You finally decided to turn your body to your right and face your two friends Oga and Furuichi who were too busy playing games. Beel and Hilda were downstairs watching some children show so Oga decided to give himself a break.
“Can’t I play?” You asked.
“No. This is a game for men,” Oga claimed, making you roll your eyes.
You glanced at Furuichi and a sly smile appeared on your face.
“Furuichi-kun~” You cooed while wrapped your arms around his shoulders.
The same aged boy gulped and blushed heavily as you blew into his ear seductively before whispering.
“Can you let me play?”
Oga paused the game and turned to you, annoyance covering his features.
“Stop that.” His frown deepened as you stuck your tongue out at him.
He pressed his finger against your forehead and used a lot of strength to push you back. You let out a yelp as you fell of
:iconkhriky:KHRIky 199 17
Misaki Yata X Reader : Can't Handle This
“,” [Name] purred, trailing a long, slender finger up the length of the auburn-haired male's arm. His body stiffened, every muscle tensing at he close contact with the beautiful female. She had him cornered and, with nowhere to run, he was forced to endure her twisted version of torture. When her hand made it to his upper arm, she gave his bicep a small squeeze and a suppressed squeal escaped her lips. “Ah, you're so fit, Misaki~!”
The blush that had long since plagued Misaki's face deepened, as [Name] inched ever-closer to him. Both of her hands travelled up to the beanie atop his head and quickly removed the obstacle, tangling her fingers in his soft hair. Misaki began stuttering incoherently when [Name]'s body made full contact with his own, her chest pressed firmly against his arm, as she positioned herself beside him. “Mm, and your hair is just wondrous! You're perfect~,” she whispered into his ear, as he slammed is eyes shut, attem
:iconshinoxx:ShinoXx 324 32
[shut and sleep with me.] drunk!levi ackerman
Okay, this was not what you had expected. Yeah sure it was a celebration of humanity's victory, but still.
Damn alcohol. And you thought thugs were supposed to have a high tolerance.
"Haha, (f/n)! Look at shorty go!" The brown haired squad leader pointed at said man, who was... dancing?
You really couldn't call that dancing, with him flailing his arms everywhere and um... Pelvic thrusting. Rather disturbing, but you couldn't look away for some reason. You cheeks flared a deep rose with every glance you took.
"H-Hanji... Should we stop Levi before... um... something happens?" You asked, looking at him, and now he was...
Oh god.
"YEAH THATS RIGHT BUDDY! YOU KEEP DOING THAT AND WE'LL FLING THE MONEY AT YA!" She yelled, pumping her fist in the air. You let out a long sigh, surprised Hanji hadn't even taken a swig yet.
"Now I get why the commander's in his office." You covered your face, leaving a small peep hole so you could witness the hilarity that was Captain Levi.
Well, Hanji did have
:iconerianna3707:erianna3707 1,139 364
Pg76 Just Your Problem by Hootsweets Pg76 Just Your Problem :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 6,672 1,344
Levi x reader x Armin| Two Boys, One Heart |pt.5
Walking to the mess hall you spotted Eren and Mikasa, but no Armin. You looked around and still no clue of him. You didn't stay for long and started to walk out of the mess hall to go talk to corporal Levi.
You turned the corner, bumping into someone on the way.
"(Y/n)? Where are you going in such a rush?" Levi said your hands still on his chest preventing him from crashing into you.
"I was actually going to see you" you said crossing your arms.
"Oh really, why don't we go to my office then?" he said slightly smirking.
You raised your eyebrow and followed him.
You stood in front of his desk, arms crossed.
"So what's this about trainee?" you stood there gritting your teeth, knowing he knew what you wanted to see him about.
"You're so jealous that you don't want me to see or talk to Armin anymore?!" annoyance entered your voice.
"Not necessarily..."
"Huh? Then why don't you want me too see him?"
Levi got up and before you could react, he pinned you against the wall. Wrapping his surp
:iconkawaiilei:kawaiilei 30 6
Uta x Reader x Yomo | party
нαℓℓσωєєи ѕρєcιαℓ!

ι αм тнє cℓσωи ωιтн тнє тєαя-αωαу ƒαcє
нєяє ιи α ƒℓαѕн αиd gσиє ωιтнσυт α тяαcє
ι αм тнє "ωнσ" ωнєи уσυ cαℓℓ, "ωнσ'ѕ тнєяє?"
ι αм тнє ωιиd вℓσωιиg тняσυgн уσυя нαιя
ι αм тнє ѕнαdσω σ
:iconsabakunoeyebrows:SabakuNoEyebrows 303 28
Noro x Ghoul!Reader | see you later
"Wow," you gasped.
The Ghoul Investigator had appeared out of nowhere, as you and your friend were playing in the park. Noro was a silent child, so silent that the teachers at school thought he was deaf or mute when they called out to him and got no reaction or reply. You tended to speak for him when teachers tried to talk to him. Not that either of you would be going to school anymore. Both yours and his parents, good old-fashioned ghouls, believed that humans and ghouls were like oil and water; immiscible. Neither could mix. And ghouls, like oil, were always on top, Kings of the food chain. So once you'd both learned enough to read and write a little, they decided it was enough association with your food and pulled you both out.
To celebrate your newfound freedom, you and Noro went to the park.
It was going well until a dove came out of the shadows, attacking two children in broad daylight. But the humans didn't care, screaming in terror when your kakugan activated automatically
:iconsabakunoeyebrows:SabakuNoEyebrows 171 9
It's Just A Job , Dude (Haruka Nanase x Reader)
((Headcanon: Since Haru has a weird obsession with water , I believe that he also has a keen love for the things that reside in it. I also believe that he has a deep fascination for mermaids which explains his wacko behavior in this here fic))
"Mommy! Mommy! Look at the pretty mermaid!" a little girl practically screeched as she pointed at you frantically over the railing.
You put on a smile and waved at her , causing her to shriek in joy and attempt to climb towards you , but her mother quickly grabbed her , reminding her that there was water surrounding you and it was an embarrassment to the family.
You chuckled as the mother scolded her child ,already used to that same little speech. Little children always attempted to swim out to you , whether they could swim or not.
You really enjoyed your job for the simple fact that kids admired you because they thought you were really magical.
"H-Hey you! That's against the rules!" you heard someone yell and you felt water splash against you.
:iconxcosmetic:xcosmetic 1,010 184
My Best Friend's Brother ( Rin Okumura x Reader)
[My Best Friend’s Brother…]
You sat in class, listening to Yukio go on and on about being an exorcist or some shit like that. Your gaze slowly went towards Rin, who, like you, didn’t really give a rat’s ass about this lesson.
You’ve had a crush on the boy ever since he joined the academy, but when Yukio, your best guy friend, told you it was his brother, you told yourself that you, quote “Will not ask that sexy man beast out.”
It was a very difficult task since he was your type, and he was funny, …and cute.
You then felt all eyes on you. Realization hit you like a truck. You just said that last sentence out loud.
“[Name]. Care to explain why you interrupted class… again.” Yukio ask. The irritation in his voice was clear.
God, you flood the classroom once and your set for life.
You decided to play the dumb card.
“Ahem. I have no idea what you
:iconxcosmetic:xcosmetic 553 126
Yandere!Izaya X Reader-My Dear Human
‘Why does she care so much about him? Why must they be so close she can't realize he's just a monster, not a human? She's always favored him, ever since high school. Shizuo this, Shizuo that. I'll admit, it pisses me off. She's always clung to him while if I go near her she pushes me away like I'm some diseased insect. Such an interesting human but so confusing. Doesn't she love me? Like I do her? I'd do anything for her and she stays away from me. I'd kill for her, is she that oblivious?’
A male with short black hair sits on his desk chair, facing his computer. His reddish-brown eyes scan the screen, video recordings playing over and over from different locations. All with one female singled out. Her (h/l) (h/c) hair lays down messily and her (e/c) eyes sparkle, even on screen. She wears her typical outfit, a white (sleeve length) sleeved shirt with (color) (pants/shorts/skirt) and (color) (type of shoes). She looks younger but in actuality is 24. Her boobs aren
:iconx-saviour-x:X-Saviour-X 384 39
Amaimon x reader 3 Who do you belong to?
He had you pinned to the bed. His hot breath panting at the base of your neck as he ground himself into you. His bulge obvious in his tight pants. He ground into you once more, causing you to moan loudly.
"Who do you belong to?" He purred practically ripping your shirt off, leaving you exposed, You hadn't expected him to be this... horny. "...Hmmmmm kitten?"
You weren't about to give in. No. You were too stubborn for that. If anything you are going to make HIM beg. You smirked, raising your hips to grind against his. His grip on your wrists  loosened, and you were able to reach down to his bulge. Roughly, you rubbed it feeling it twitch lightly in your palm. Slowly you unzipped his pants. His breath hitched as you began to massage his throbbing member. Possessive growls filled your ears. Maybe even an occasional 'Mine' was heard.
You looked up at him only to see him red, eyes tightly closed and obviously aroused. That gave you a lot of courage, now having you reach into his
:iconrussianproperty:RussianProperty 231 53
Amaimon x Reader 2 JEALOUSY
A few weeks had past after your... ehem ... break down. Life with Amaimon had began to settle back.
You were currently getting ready. You and Rin were headed to the mall, Both of you in need of new street clothes- most were torn during battles. There was only one problem..
Amaimon didn't know...
Nor did he like the idea of you hanging anywhere near his younger half-brother. Not because he thought you weren't worthy, he wasn't even protective of his brother. It was that he knew that Rin had had his eye on you for a long time. You were certainly oblivious to this.
It wasn't difficult sneaking out of Mephistos' office, all you needed was to give Amaimon hand fulls of candy.
'Oh that demon' you thought making your way to your car, unaware of peering eyes, staring at you from the windows.
--- Amaimons' P.O.V ---
I sat in  brothers chair, watching [name] walk to her car.
"Brother? Where do you think [name] is going to?" I mumbled to my elder brother.
"Oh [name]!~" He chirped, loo
:iconrussianproperty:RussianProperty 343 122
Amaimon x Reader DOUBT
You two were equally protective of each other. He, a Possessive jealous man, and you, slightly emotional wreck.You just loved him too much.. Sure you had your jealous moments when he was attacked by mobs of girls but hey, you never let them show. One day, You had let them show. And man, did it surprise him.
It was a hotter evening. Amaimon had been fanning himself with a pile of papers that his elder brother had left.
You were currently going to confront him about rummers you had heard. Some were about him and the blonde chick ,that Rin was friends with, and them having some sort of 'fun'. And well, It did push you over the edge.
When you busted through the doors , he seemed to jump a bit, and then rested his legs, crossed, on the desk.
"Yo [name].." He mumbled
"You.." you snarled. Pointing an accusing finger at him.
"...Me..?" He glanced sideways at you, rolling his lolipop around his mouth.
"Have... H-have you been c-cheating....?" You said, honestly afraid of the answer, had he real
:iconrussianproperty:RussianProperty 424 62
Amaimon X Reader X Mephisto (She will be mine)
Amaimon X Reader (She will be mine)
(f/c) = favourite colour
(h/l) = hair length
(h/c) = hair colour
(e/c) = eye colour
This is my first fan fiction, I hope you all like it, I don't own any of the characters in this as they are from Blue Exorcist...well enjoy.
Part 1
(Your POV)
You ran through the forest as your arm burnt from a long scratch down your shoulder, your breathing heavy as you fell to your knees still clutching your shoulder. You knew something was chasing you but you couldn't see it. Your vision became blurry a you fell flat on your stomach, a outline of a person was all you could see. You coughed, you voice weak as you hesitantly spoke "p-please tempaint..." You heard a squeal before you blacked out.
(Amaimon's POV)
I looked down at the human, sucking on my lollipop as I spotted a long cut on her shoulder, bleeding and becoming infected. I looked back at the girls sweating face as she barely whispered about needing help due to a demon tempaint. I  
:iconinsanitys-sanity:Insanitys-Sanity 315 65
[Reborn!] Dino Cavallone x Reader (x Hibari xD)
It was a love-hate relationship you and Dino shared. Everyone but you two noticed the sparks of attraction in the room lingering around the both of you. Though, it seemed you were too blind to notice this and so it happened that about every five minutes, you and Dino had a fight because one of you always provoked the other.
It was actually not even on purpose, at least from your part.. You hated your feelings for Dino. Yes, you cursed inwardly that you had fallen in love with the childish and clumsy fool who repeatedly made jokes at your expense, and who probably didn't even like you at all. Nevertheless, you loved it when you chased him around the room and threw him to the ground. You enjoyed his laughter when you lay on top of him and wanted to strangle him in a friendly manner. And you enjoyed it when he blinked at you after an argument and said, "You would be much prettier when you wouldn't always be that uptight."
That sentence usually raised your hope that Dino was perhaps not so
:iconsekata:Sekata 152 22
Wrapped Around His Finger - Akashi - 3rd Trap
You stared lovingly at the ring on your finger as sunlight shone through the small cracks of the window curtains. You smiled happily as you watched the light cause your ring to twinkle and give you a sense of calmness. A soft giggle escaped your lips as you thought back to how you were proposed to. Certainly, it was quite unexpected, but you could always expect the unexpected from Akashi since he was certainly one of a kind. You flinched in surprise when a hand slithered over to entangle your fingers with theirs.
“Isn’t it a bit too early for you to be waking up?” a warm, loving voice asked from behind you. You turned onto your back and turned your head even more to face the owner of the voice.
“And isn’t that splendid,” you said as you moved your hand away from his and gave him a mischievous smile. “That means I’ll have to start on breakfast earlier today, so that means getting out of bed early is a must as well!” you contin
:iconreinakitty274:ReinaKitty274 248 71


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